Beware Paper Dragons

We all have deadlines, hard or soft, for various tasks in our personal and professional lives. There are those that are written in ink, BOLD LETTERS, and underlined, and those that are penciled in, off to the side, with haphazard abbreviations.

There’s strategic value in knowing which tasks get placed into which column. Bills and management tasks must be done first, but redecorating the office or updating your marketing plan might be put on hold for now. Eventually, all tasks on the “to do list” must either be done, delegated or deleted.

So the basic question becomes, “Do I have more money than time, or more time than money?” Either you do it yourself and save the money you would have to pay someone else to do it, or you have the money to delegate the task and focus your time more wisely elsewhere.

If updating your website, creating or writing a regular newsletter, or maintaining a blog are priorities you’ve been penciling in the margins for a while now, maybe I can help? Email me today at with your project needs and let’s see how I can help you manage your time and wrangle those paper dragons into a tidy corner for you.

~ Kim