RCP America KOC-86 Press Release

April 20, 2020, Tampa, Florida – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RCP America, a Tampa, Florida, based company has developed and produced a self-sanitizing, spray-on coating, called KOC-86, that kills viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microorganisms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 6 months. KOC-86 can be safely applied to all surfaces with … Read More “RCP America KOC-86 Press Release”

Return to Work Safely – Article

As businesses and venues begin to re-open across the country, it is important that business owners share their new, high-level safety measures with their employees and customers. An April 2020 survey (by Enigma Research) of 2000 participants showed the majority of people are ready to return to activities, particularly those with live entertainment and events. … Read More “Return to Work Safely – Article”

Who Are These HOA Bullies? (Part 1 of 3)

Anytime I see the term “HOA” in a news article, online post, or email, it’s almost always a negative review. (HOA stands for “Homeowners Association” and refers to a defined neighborhood of homes, townhomes, or condos that are governed by a set of written rules with mandatory fees to live in that neighborhood.) HOAs are … Read More “Who Are These HOA Bullies? (Part 1 of 3)”