Don’t Speed Date Your Audience!

This month I reviewed a website in need of revamping and a new book whose author requested a review. Two completely different products that had the exact same problem: they didn’t know who their audience was!

The website had a ton of information spread out over many pages targeted to a very tiny audience of POTENTIAL clients and almost nothing for the existing ones. Very unfortunate. The book could have had one of two large audiences if it had been tweaked to appeal to either one with their needs in mind. Instead, a few scenes made it unusable for the first audience and a lack of such scenes left it lacking for the second. Equally unfortunate.

Whether I’m creating a new website, writing a regular newsletter/blog, or submitting a press release, I always think about who my audience is and WHAT they want to know. You have to think of your audience as a long term relationship and not a speed dating service!

If you’re ready to take your business relationship to the next level, email me with questions or ideas on how to get started at I’ll leave a candle burning…

~ Kim