Growing at the Pace of YOU

Growing at the Pace of YOU

Recently a casual business relationship began to grow when business referrals led me to new clients with exciting projects. The business partner was willing to educate me on areas I had little experience with and inspired me to tackle new challenges based on the support I would receive from him.

How often does this happen in your business? And how do you know when to say YES to a new growth opportunity that appeals to you?

Forbes magazine contributor Denise Yohn has a new book coming out that offers some “wise advice for pursuing and executing growth”:

  1. Set growth goals based on your capability not opportunity.
  2. Explain the changes to customers — and ensure your staff can do so too.
  3. Don’t try to appeal to everyone.
  4. Engage your local community.

If your business has defined a need to create or improve your online presence or you need a newsletter/blog to keep your clients and potential customers informed, let me help you say YES to that opportunity. I’ll work with you to organize your thoughts and plans into words that help you sell your business so that you can continue to grow at your own pace. Email me today at and we’ll start a conversation about your project. I’m looking forward to hearing the details!

~ Kim