How the Cops Got Hold of my Newsletter

For about 12 years, I have created a 2-3 page newsletter for my small HOA community every other month. Rain or shine, good health or bad, this newsletter has been written, published in one manner or another, and distributed to all homeowners.

About a year ago, I posted an article on some recent thefts in the community, along with security tips to deter such crimes. The article contained the general location (800 block of Main St.) of the crime and the nature of the crime (bike stolen, car broken into, etc.). A month after this newsletter went out, I received a phone call from a local Sheriff’s deputy inquiring about the specific address and homeowners name of a recent theft. To my surprise, the deputy had located a nearby stash of stolen items and one matched the description in my newsletter article. The deputy simply said my newsletter had been forwarded to him and when he realized the stolen items matched my report, he contacted me to assist the homeowner. What a great resolution to an unfortunate incident!

This story reminded me that people are reading – and forwarding – my newsletters even if I don’t hear from them every time I send one out. If you’ve had a disappointing experience creating and sending out a newsletter in the past, it might be time to take a look at WHAT information you were providing to your target audience and how you could revive and improve your newsletter. Send me an email at and let’s chat about some ideas on how to create a great newsletter for your community, your business, or your group that will make it worth reading and sharing!

~ Kim