How to Win Friends and Influence People

“Exceed your customer’s expectations. If you do, they’ll come back over and over. Give them what they want – and a little more.” – Sam Walton, founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club

Have you ever considered adding client testimonials to your business website or newsletter? It’s a great way to “advertise” yourself without paying for the ad, in a sense. Positive word of mouth can help potential clients who are undecided make their decision.

Be careful – savvy readers have learned to spot or at least be suspicious of insincere or phony testimonials that sound similar and too vague. Truly meaningful testimonials will let the voice of the client come through and pinpoint the specific aspect of service that made their experience worth telling others about.

One final suggestion – remember to occasionally update your testimonials. This is especially true if you or your client dated their experience in some way and it’s now 5+ years later. If you’ve been doing your job well, you’ll have a steady stream of new clients to provide feedback on how you’ve both maintained a consistent service/product in addition to innovating and meeting new demands.

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~ Kim