I’m Leaving Because You Don’t Respond

You’ve got 12 things to do before dinner time and 20 minutes to get them all done. In short, sporadic 3-5 minute increments…while standing in line for lunch, sitting at a red light on the way to a meeting, and while trying to relax in the waiting room.

Your mobile device is going to make most of these tasks doable as long as you can get online and through each website fast enough.

For me, if a website is taking longer than 15 seconds to load or is blasting me with multiple pop-up ads – I’m done. With the attention span of a small child or a short-lived gnat, I can’t wait for a spinning circle to hypnotize me into patience. And if the website pops up super tiny so that I have to pinch and pull it into existence, whilst digging for my cheater readers, then scroll back and forth on my screen leaving smudge marks everywhere, well…we’re done. I’m leaving you because you don’t respond to my needs or my short, time crunched moments for multitasking, and I’m confident there IS something better out there!

Apparently, Google had a similar thought earlier this year when they announced they were demoting non-responsive (non-mobile friendly) websites on their searches. Egads! Needless to say my own WordPress website (which was beautifully designed but now technically flawed 6 years down the road) gave me the nudge I needed to design a new responsive website for my growing business. I can’t wait for you to see it – SOON!

In the meantime, if you’ve discovered your business or community website isn’t meeting the needs of your customers in the mobile friendly world, let me know! I’d love to discuss a budget-friendly, custom website design with you to see what we can do to help. Contact me at info@ExpresslyWritten.com and let’s chat about your ideas and website needs.

~ Kim