It’s Good to be the King

Competition is a good and necessary component of business. Just like the laws of nature, the strong survive and the weak are culled from the herd.

Customers drive this action by choosing Business A over Business B, the two leading rivals, or may even let their attention be diverted to a newcomer on the scene. Your job – as a business competitor in this arena – is to attract and retain the largest number of customers/clients in order to be the leader.

How do you establish your business as the go-to source? Highlight your differences and be sure your current and potential customers know them. You might only have 10-15 seconds to grab their attention in an ad, on your website, or on social media. This might lead to a longer look at your website page, your newsletter, or your regularly updated blog to learn more about your product or service. Which is why you want to have an updated, engaging, fresh presence that your customers/clients will relate to and choose every time they need you!

While you’re busy being productive at what you do, let me help you share that message by doing what I do. Email me today at to discuss ways to make your business the king of the competition by distinguishing your expertise from the crowd.

~ Kim