Make It Current or Make It Gone!

We’ve all been surfing the internet or Facebook or some other social media site and found outdated, old links. The ones where the last posting was years ago or the links are all dead. It’s a little like pulling out a bag of chips from the back of your pantry anticipating a tasty snack and realizing they were already open and stale. What a disappointment.

Maybe you were searching for people or businesses online and came across a page that wasn’t really a useful page? It was more like a “lost dog” ad where it asked if you knew the person or business, if you were the person or business, or if you could provide any useful information about the person or business. That’s unfortunate and completely pointless to find, isn’t it?

My philosophy when I’m working with new clients is to make their website, newsletter, or social media page current and active or get rid of it altogether. We discuss what their current online presence should reflect about them, how we need to compete with their competitors, and what a realistic time commitment is for keeping their website, newsletter or social media presence active and engaging. In some cases, setting up simple calendar reminders and jotting down ideas between updates works best. In other cases, there’s a bit of initial enthusiasm to freshen things up but no real plan to keep it going. Then the best plan of action is to either hire someone to maintain it for you or get rid of it altogether.

If you’d like some ideas to freshen up your online presence through your website, send me a quick email and let’s chat about what you need at . Just like your wardrobe or your office décor – let’s make it current or make it gone!

~ Kim