Measuring Success with a Spoon or a Shovel?

By the time this is posted and read, 2014 will be over and done. If you paused to look back over your year, personal or professional, I hope there were many moments to celebrate and perhaps a few where you had the opportunity to grow and learn from your experiences.

My year saw me try – and promptly quit – Twitter (it was a time consuming effort I decided I didn’t have time for), create a LinkedIn page, remain continuous in my writing efforts both on this blog (okay, June was an exception) and in the bimonthly newsletters for my homeowners’ association, add new clients and keep existing ones professionally pleased with my work, evaluated business growth opportunities, and add “share” buttons to this website. I also made a new contact who expressed an interest in illustrating a children’s story I wrote years ago, which inspired me to work on an idea for a second children’s story.

Whatever your goals are for 2015, I wish you success and happiness along the way. If any of your plans include a writing project I can assist you with, feel free to email me at . My goal is to provide you with a product that’s written expressly for you.

~ Kim