Website Content

New Website – Provide All New Content

Expressly Written, LLC provides new website content in two categories: You have a website designer or you need a website designer.

If you have a website designer we will work with you to organize your desired content, determine the appropriate number of pages and provide all written text to your designer to insert into your website template.

If you need a website designer, we partner with great designers who offer everything from simple package deals to more elaborate custom website designs. We work closely with that partner on your behalf and provide all written text for your website.

Homeowner Association (HOA)/Condo Association Communities

Expressly Written, LLC has over 90 website design templates that can be customized to your community, including responsive designs (ideal for mobile devices). These templates offer features that most communities are looking for such as:

  • Home page with “Community News”, “Calendar Events”, and “Surveys” for resident participation.
  • About Us page with a Google map to direct guests to your community and detailed information on the types of homes and amenities in your community.
  • FAQ’s page that will answer the most basic questions about your community.
  • Documents page for your community’s governing documents and forms.
  • Many other options such as Board and Committee pages, Newsletter page, Local Links page, etc.

You can view our active HOA websites by clicking on each of the links below. Our HOA packages include ongoing writing services, if desired, to regularly update your website with current news on the home page, adding documents and meeting minutes, updating board member names, etc. We have a 100% renewal rate with all our clients!

For businesses and other groups

Expressly Written, LLC partners with a great web designer to provide you a quality, custom website service complete with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a Content Management System (CMS), and responsive designs that are easily viewed on mobile devices. You will enjoy a secure and effective website service with regular maintenance and updates included.

Click on one of the links to view our active websites with local and international businesses. In some cases we’ve created a new website and content for them, in others we provided all new content and organization to an existing template.

Existing Website – Update Content and Text

Expressly Written, LLC will update your existing website with clear and engaging content. This is an ideal option if you’re happy with your current website design. Regular visitors will appreciate fresh content and new visitors will have access to the latest information on your company, community, or group.

Pricing will depend on a variety of factors:

  • How many pages, images, and words does your website need updated?
  • Are video imbeds needed?
  • Does your project require additional research to provide the most effective website content?