The Power of the Familiar

Starting over. Rebuilding. Making something new where something old once was. “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” – Raymond Lindquist

Have you ever had an event – whether a brief moment or a lasting period – where you realized everything you were comfortable knowing and doing was suddenly going to change? Maybe it was forced on you, unwelcome. Maybe it was you seizing the reins and deciding the time for heading in a new direction was today. It can be something small or something life changing. But most of us can remember at least one time in our lives when the power of the familiar was taken away and that became a learning moment we either embraced or struggled to accept.

If you’ve become too comfortable in the routine of your business, your existing clients, your community of neighbors – perhaps a needed change is calling you? Maybe you’ve been planning to rebuild a website you created that has been neglected like last year’s garden or gym equipment. Or perhaps you were thinking of adding on to your marketing or information outreach. These ideas can be solved with something as simple as a regular newsletter or blog update. Let me help you with some ideas by sending me a quick email at . A little courage, a little creativity, a little spark is all we need to let go and start something new for you.

~ Kim