The Purpose of Content in 5 Easy Questions

The Purpose of Content in 5 Easy Questions

1. Who is your audience?
2. What are their needs?
3. Where do they go for content?
4. What is the competition doing?
5. What content do we have?

Your audience – pretty simple, right? Make sure you really know who they are. Not only current customers but also potential customers who are different from your current base. Sometimes an objective third party can help you determine your entire target audience.

Their needs – not just yours. No one likes to be preached to or hear a constant “buy, buy, buy” or “me, me, me” message. Consider factors that make them feel confident in their choice, better informed, persuaded to make a decision, etc.

Where are they getting their information now? Who are the authority voices that speak on this issue to confirm and inform them on your subject matter?

Your competition – seems pretty obvious. Are they offering easier access, more options, or better deals than you are? Is their website more user friendly, are they providing easy access content when your audience wants it? Check out your competition and find out where you need to match or exceed what they’re offering.

What’s already done? Did you hire a writer to create some content a few years ago or did you work on some content yourself or a staff member? Based on your review of the first four questions, can you use some or none of your existing content moving forward?

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~ Kim