To Hire or Not To Hire

To Hire or Not To Hire?

This is the time of year when some companies are hiring seasonal workers. The increased work load simply demands that more people are needed to meet customer demands quickly.

But what about hiring at other times of the year? If you’ve started a small business or are growing one do you need help reaching customers? Expressly Written can create a new website or upgrade you to a responsive website design so customers can easily find you on mobile devices.

Have you taken on a volunteer position such as an HOA board member or another community group? Expressly Written can help you build a new or updated website, customized newsletters, email campaigns, flyers or brochures for your group.

Expressly Written is ready to hire for any of these scenarios. We want to work with you to understand your needs, your timelines and your budget. There are a variety of options and we can help you pick the right ones for your situation. Email me today to start a conversation about your project at .

~ Kim