Volunteerism Attracts New Customers

In a down turned economy, some people have found that volunteering can either help them make new connections that may lead to jobs or improve job skills that might otherwise languish. Teenagers are often encouraged to volunteer to beef up their resumes for college and job applications. Retirees sometimes volunteer to keep in touch with things they love to do and around people who keep them engaged and active. Volunteers are essential to the fabric of most communities.

But what about companies? They’re made up of individuals who may volunteer on their own free time. Or a company may choose to support these individual efforts with paid time off or a cash donation to a specific charity. Have you ever considered using your company to volunteer time or funds in support of a worthwhile cause? You could support a nationally recognized effort through a fundraising effort, close down your office one day to volunteer at a local charity…the options are almost limitless. You could receive local media attention for your efforts and share your involvement with clients via your website, newsletter, or blog.

In a world of overwhelming choices, sometimes a potential customer just needs one differentiating factor to choose you over the competition. A company that commits itself to a charitable cause by volunteering time and/or donations might just gain the support of new and existing customers. Not to mention the immeasurable benefits of being a volunteer to someone in need!

“Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” Unknown

~ Kim