For some people, writing is a chore. That’s because communicating your thoughts is easier said than done. And putting your thoughts into words that accurately describe your message is a lot of work – probably more work than you planned to do.

Let’s be honest – if writing your newsletter, website text, or blog was easy, it would already be done. Or maybe it was done, but it wasn’t done well. Expressly Written recognizes your individual writing project requires its own unique style to share your message. Let us work with you to develop a writing product that meets your needs. Express yourself – through Expressly Written.

Our writing process looks at all the available content, chips away information that’s unnecessary, organizes the facts that support one another, and builds a writing product that’s complete and coherent. It can be designed to work as a single item such a custom website or newsletter, or it can be integrated into a multi-platform approach with various products that complement one another.

How It Began

In 2003, Expressly Written began writing newsletters for HOA communities, then expanded into setting up and maintaining HOA websites. As we built new relationships with website developers, Expressly Written partnered with small business owners to write custom website content, quality blog articles, and business brochures and flyers. We like to help new authors with book editing, and take on writing projects that pique our interest.

Our writing experience extends to such areas as:

  • Residential property management
  • Mortgage industry
  • Parenting
  • Current events, and more…
  • Computer industry
  • Health, wellness and nutrition
  • Military lifestyle
  • Commercial collections
  • Literature
  • Home based business ventures